Your Refractory Partner             From Vision to Reality

Our Solutions

Reftech International has been focused on offering unique, innovative, and value-added solutions to our customers since the company’s inception in 2013. Our team of professionals have decades of hands-on experience, allowing us to understand our customers’ problems and offer realistic solutions to their applications.


Our leadership team includes members with 30+ years of experience in the refractory industry, some of which started their careers working in the units and installing refractory with their own hands. As such, we’ve built our company from the bottom up, valuing the hard work that our Reftech family members are putting in while solving our customers’ problems with a practical approach in mind.

Refractory Installations

REFTECH offers a comprehensive range of refractory installations for our customers including brickwork, shotcrete, installation of castable, pumping, formwork, gunite, installation of fiber and fiber modules, ramming, installation of various forms of insulation, and many more.

Refractory Demolition

REFTECH offers both traditional and modern refractory demolition and removal services to our customers. Demolition services include hand demolition, robotic demolition, and hydro demolition.

Precast Manufacturing and Fabrication Services

Our state-of-the-art precast facility located in Rigaud, QC, includes +50,000 SF of shop space, controlled Dryout ovens, production lines and steel fabrication shop.

Stud and Specialty Welding

REFTECH is partnered with industry leading stud welding equipment and material suppliers, allowing us to utilize the latest technology in stud welding applications.

Refractory Engineering and Design Services

Our team of engineers have 100+ years of experience designing and recommending refractory linings, developing quality control and assurance programs, solving unique refractory problems, improving customer’s processes, value engineering and analyzing data to determine the best solutions for our customers.

Fireproofing Services

REFTECH offers both commercial and industrial fireproofing services across Canada. Our team of certified technicians offer solutions for removal and replacement of existing fireproofing materials, environmentally controlled shop fireproofing applications, and field applied fireproofing materials, including installation of block outs and tie-ins.

Safety and Labor Services

In partnership with our customer, Reftech continues to offer both Safety and General Labor services to support plant maintenance personnel. Such services include on-site safety technicians, support in developing job specific safety programs, confined space attendants, fire watch services, safety training, and general cleanup.

Thermal Imaging Services

REFTECH offers our customers unique refractory thermal imaging and reporting services. Our thermal imaging programs are specifically tailored to each customer, ultimately helping them plan and develop for future maintenance scopes, anticipate failures, and analyze results.