At Reftech, we are your complete fireproofing solution provider, serving both commercial and industrial clients

Our team’s experience includes the installation of all fireproofing materials, such as Intumescent, Cryogenic Intumescent, Lightweight Cementitious, and Concrete options, ensuring we can address the unique needs of any environment. We offer both shop and field applications, giving our customers custom options to meet the needs of their project. With a skilled team and a commitment to safety, we offer tailored solutions, end-to-end services, and cutting-edge technology to protect your assets and provide peace of mind. Choose REFTECH for top-tier fireproofing materials and installations that meet and exceed industry standards, safeguarding your structures from fire hazards.

REFTECH’s range of fireproofing services include:
  • Scope review and repair recommendations for our customers
  • Material selection to meet the design requirements
  • Complete BOM calculation and scope estimation
  • Supply and installation of all fireproofing products, including Intumescent, Cryogenic Intumescent, Lightweight Cementitious, and Concrete options
  • Equipment and scaffolding for efficient installations
  • 24/7 service capabilities across Canada
  • Certified installers and inspectors
  • Shop capacity to fireproof fabricated steel off-site for a quick installation on site
  • On site tie-ins to complete shop applied fireproofed sections
REFTECH Fireproofing Highlights:
  • Diverse Fireproofing Materials: Offering a wide range of fireproofing materials, including Intumescent, Cryogenic Intumescent, Lightweight Cementitious, and Concrete options.
  • Customized Solutions: Tailoring fireproofing solutions to meet the specific needs of each project, ensuring optimal safety.
  • Quality Assurance: Supplying and installing high-quality materials that exceed industry standards and provide long-lasting protection.
  • Experienced Team: An expert team with years of experience in fireproofing installations for both commercial and industrial clients.
  • Comprehensive Services: Providing end-to-end services, from consultation and material selection to installation and ongoing maintenance.
  • Safety Priority: Placing safety at the forefront, our materials and installations are designed to reliably protect against fire hazards.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Staying up-to-date with industry advancements and offering innovative fireproofing solutions.
  • Peace of Mind: Offering clients the assurance that their structures are protected from the devastating effects of fires.
  • Adherence to Regulations: Ensuring that all fireproofing solutions meet or exceed local, national, and international safety regulations.
  • Reliable Asset Protection: Safeguarding commercial and industrial structures, equipment, and assets from fire risks.