REFTECH has decades of experience servicing the Cement and Lime industry. No work is too big or small, and REFTECH is one of the few refractory contractors in Canada who have successfully completed everything from small emergency repairs to complete modernization projects and plant expansions.

Our experience and capabilities in the Cement and Lime industry include:

  • Complete and partial replacement of kiln refractory brick linings.
  • Complete and partial replacement of kiln castable sections, including feed end and discharge end (nose rings).
  • Removal and installation of kiln trifoil, quadfoil, lifters and other unique kiln systems within the lime industry,
  • Refractory replacement in vertical shaft kilns
  • Refractory replacement in firing hoods, clinker coolers, and TA ducts.
  • Refractory replacement in preheater towers
  • Refractory engineering and design solutions for the Cement and Lime industry
  • Turnkey solution offering, including demolition, anchor welding, refractory installation, scaffolding, heating and hoarding, material supply, dryout, reporting, project management and safety services.