Petrochemical Industry

petro-chemical Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units (FCCU)

  • Reactors,Regenerators,Cyclones,Transfer Lines,Reactor Stripper,Ducts,Feed Lines,Overflow Wells,Slide Valves,Riser Lines and Internal Risers, J Bends / Reactor “Y” Sections
  • Residual Catalytic Cracking Units (RCCU)
  • Ethylene Catalytic Cracking Units (ECCU)
  • Fractionator Towers and Columns
  • Process Furnaces & Heaters including Canmet Heaters
  • Reformers (Hydrogen and Secondary Reformers)
  • Cokers (Delayed) / Visbreaker
  • Sulfer Reactor Units (SRU)
  • Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD)
  • Coal Gasification Reactors
  • Carbon Black Reactor Combustion Chamber
  • Boilers

Structural Fireproofing Beams and Columns (Sticks & Block-Outs)

  • Including LNG Facilities
  • Certified Installers for Passive Fire Protection Technology


Coked Refractory Removal Robotics using Technologically Advanced Removal Systems

  • Remotely Operated with “Live” camera recordings
  • Extremely Fast for timeline reductions, scheduling requirements and reduced costs
  • OH&S benefits are optimal
  • Saves all existing anchoring system without any damage which significantly reduces costs and time
  • Reftech Supervisors are all API 936 (American Petroleum Institute) Certified