Material & Installations

Fotosearch_k12771426Fotosearch_k5084832 Reftech can be made to install refractory materials from most of the major refractory supply companies in North America including specific customer specifications
Refractory Material Installations include and not limited to:

  • Alumino – Silicate & Basic BrickMoulded Shapes (Precast),
  • Alumino – Silicate Monolithic Castables & Gun Mixes,
  • Alumino – Silicate Shotcrete Monolithics & Self Levelling,
  • Silicon Carbide alkali resistant castables, gun mixes and brick,
  • Plastics and Ramming Materials,
  • Granular Vibratable Materials /Monolithics,
  • Dry Vibratable Materials (Silica / Alumina or Basic),
  • Insulating Ceramic Fibre and Brick,
  • Pre Cast (Moulded Alumino Silicate and Basic ) Shapes including 3-D modelling,
  • Fireproofing Materials for HPI,
  • Resale Direct Refractory Materials.